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Terms of use


 The classified ads advertiser site does not accept any ads that violate Islamic Sharia and the true Islamic religion, such as ads for magic, sorcery, alcohol, etc.




.The user must choose a suitable name away from hieroglyphs or strange symbols




The integrity of the data contained in the advertisement is the responsibility of the advertiser and he must put correct data that will benefit him and all visitors to the site, and if the complaint is repeated about the incorrectness of the data, the member will be warned immediately.




The advertiser must place his advertisement in the correct place and he will not pay attention to duplicate advertisements or devoid of any means of communication.


The site does not accept any advertisements inciting violence or hatred.




It is prohibited to place links to groups or websites in advertisements for the purpose of advertising.




The site has the right to cancel the membership of any of its members and put it on the blacklist if it causes fraud or fraud, or otherwise, in order to warn dealers about it and to guarantee the site's rights.